Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Prunes, prunes the magical fruit

Stella has been eating Gerber fruits and veggies for a while now. Probably about three months. We started with the veggies and are now finishing up fruits, and, well, her last fruit to try was prunes. I'd been putting them off and putting them off, because, well, Stella still spews quite a bit and I wasn't looking forward to scrubbing "purple stuff" off her clothes. Today was Stella's first and last day of prunes, at least for now. I got a call at work this afternoon from my dad (grandpa and grandma are Stella's daycare), who said, "No more prunes." Little Stella had an accident...all over her grandpa, and grandpa's carpet and her pretty white onesie - and this time I'm not talking about the gunk that comes out of her mouth. Oops!

Last night Jen and I went on a date - dinner and a movie. We finally saw "Sex and the City," which we vowed to do before it left the theater. I must's one thing to see a graphic sex scene on a television screen, and quite another to see it play out in front of you on a movie screen. Just a tad uncomfortable, but not as uncomfortable as it was for me to be PMSing. That movie definitely packs a rollercoaster of emotions, and there were at least a couple times I had to work pretty damn hard to hold back the tears so poor Jen didn't find out how sappy I really am.

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jen renee said...

sappy? c'mon, you're tougher than me!