Friday, August 1, 2008

Guitar picks! Now available in blue, green, clear, black, red, and yellow. They are $5 for a set of three.

And guitar picks made into necklaces! They are $13 a piece and can be ordered on an 18-inch ball chain, as well as a black silk cord with barrel clasp or a wire choker.


claire said...

I found this from your etsy--so cool! How do you get the records un-black, lol Do they just come in other colors and I was oblivious or is it a trade secret? just curious!

Erin Randolph said...

They come that way, actually. They're obviously much rarer than the plain 'ol black ones. But the plain 'ol black ones can be fun, too. :)

Plaidfuzz said...

Love the guitar picks! I'm favoriting those as a possible X Mas gift for my nephew :)